the ellen and sue story


once upon a time...

Ellen Whyte and Sue Orfield met at the 1998 Kettle Full of Blues Festival in Washington. Both were fronting their own bands at the time, but the chemistry between them ignited a lifetime friendship that has been at the forefront of their musical endeavors.

Sue lived in Seattle, Washington for years, and Ellen invited Sue to perform many times with her band in Portland, Oregon. In 2000, Ellen decided to have Sue as the featured artist on her third release, “Standing At The Sunrise.” Dennis Walker, multiple Grammy Award-winning producer,  brought out the best in Sue and Ellen on this recording.

In 2004, Sue moved back to her roots in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The miles between them didn't stop these two from continuing to make music! No, sir!! Every summer since 2005, Ellen has traveled to the Midwest to perform with The Sue Orfield Band. They tour throughout the Midwest performing at festivals, concert halls and clubs. Since then, it's become an annual event having Sue and Ellen perform together throughout the Midwest. The popularity of these two incredibly talented women draws huge crowds at shows. They are amazing together! The perfect pairing of heart and heat!

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